August 29, 2016October 3, 2017
New Van for Riverwood


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At our Riverwood facility, we depend on our van for a wide variety of daily tasks. Most important to us is transporting our awesome residents to work and back, to doctors appointments, to church, and social activities. As our only means of transportation, you can imagine how much use we have gotten out of the van, to the point where it is in need of replacing!

See that spot where an engine should be? Just another example of some of the repairs we have had to make recently. We are now at the point where it is more costly to repair and maintain this old van.

With your donation, we will be purchasing a used Ford 350 Transit High Roof van. This will give us MANY more years of service, lower our regular repair costs tremendously, but above all else, it will give us reliable transportation for our residents to and from Riverwood!